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Growth and company development

Do you have ambitions to grow your company? If you lead a growth-oriented business, Erhvervshus Copenhagen has something to offer you.

Erhvervshus Copenhagen can help you to develop a growth analysis for your business.

You can also participate in specialized development programmes for owner-led businesses, technology companies and manufacturers. The programmes focus on growth through leadership development, internationalization, green production, digitalization and automation.

Impartial advice, information and guidance on growing your company are key aspects of the services provided by Erhvervshus Copenhagen. Its network is also a vital part of the growth process because it can often help companies to move to the next stage in their development process.


What Erhvervshus Copenhagen offers

Growing through internationalization

Internationalization and export services

Growth through digitalization and automation

More innovation for a better bottom line

Green growth

Growth through leadership

Ownership and succession planning

Need a digital boost?

Other initiatives and advice on growth

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