About the Municipality of Rudersdal

The Municipality of Rudersdal covers 73.2 sq. kilometres and is 20 minutes by public transport or car from the centre of Copenhagen.
The Municipality of Rudersdal is located where the Copenhagen suburb ends and the forests, lakes and open landscapes of North Zealand begin. It is a cluster of large and small communities, surrounded by beautiful nature and home for about 55.000 citizens.
The Municipality of Rudersdal is administered by Mayor Jens Ive and 22 elected Municipal Councillors. The Municipality of Rudersdal is financed by local tax.
Rudersdal is responsible for:
  • Children’s daycare services 
  • Primary and lower-secondary schools for children and young people aged 7-17 years 
  • Libraries, local sports facilities, and other cultural activities 
  • Homes for older people and home care for those who live by themselves 
  • Administration of certain social benefits such as payment of cash benefits and pensions
  • Urban planning and development
  • Green areas
  • Local roads
  • Integration of refugees and immigrants 
  • Job activation and employment projects for the unemployed 
  • Public utilities, environmental measures, and emergency services