Spring til indhold

Living in Denmark

Denmark has repeatedly been voted the world’s happiest country because of such factors as income, healthy life expectancy, social support, freedom, trust and generosity.

The most important of all is perhaps the cultural phenomenon known as hygge. It can be loosely be translated as cosiness but is more than that – it is about sharing a nice experience in a safe and friendly environment.

Hygge is often about warmth – perhaps because Danish winters can seem cold and dark. Therefore, hygge could include a cup of tea in front of a woodburning stove or a delicious candle-lit dinner at home with good friends. But the long, warm, bright summer days can also be hyggelig, as Danes gather around the barbeque, hold a picnic in the woods or go for an evening stroll on the beach.

In Denmark, you can enjoy:

  • a safe environment;
  • relatively inexpensive childcare;
  • free access to Denmark’s extensive public healthcare system, available to everyone residing in Denmark;
  • free access to the education system, including several international schools;
  • high standards of housing;
  • a unique bicycle culture;
  • efficient public transport;
  • a rich cultural life;
  • many associations and clubs, where you can build a network while engaging in your favourite leisure activities; and
  • plenty of green recreational areas.


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