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Getting around

Rudersdal is ideally served by road and rail connections. We are only 20 minutes by public transport or car from the centre of Copenhagen.

Two motorways from Copenhagen run through Rudersdal north to Helsingør and Hillerød.

Rudersdal has a good public transport network, with S-trains to Holte and Birkerød, regional trains along the coast to stations like Skodsborg and Vedbæk and a single-track local train service ending in Nærum. Rudersdal also has excellent local and regional bus services covering its residential areas and business parks.

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Cycling in Rudersdal

In Rudersdal there are bicycle paths along most major roads.

The cycling superhighway 'Allerød-ruten' (the Allerød-route) is optimized for commuters providing  a smooth ride with fewer stop and increased safety:

Allerød-route C93 (Supercykelstier)


Getting around in Denmark